*Bloodstained Cosplay


Leinbo Belmont Avatar
Leinbo Belmont: Agreed, it is a bit chaotic with everything bouncing around too much, but I am sure it will find balance again in due time. Jul 19, 2019 18:57:09 GMT -6
Yän Avatar
Yän: I don't recall them talking in a condescending tone. The game runs perfectly fine and is stable on PC at least. I think the staggered release dates are fine. I'm still not even done with all the content there currently is to play through. Jul 20, 2019 3:50:41 GMT -6
Yän Avatar
Yän: And that's after 70+ hours of gameplay. Jul 20, 2019 3:50:51 GMT -6
Cale Avatar
Cale: The tone I am referring to is them mansplaining the value of the $60 backer rewards. Jul 20, 2019 9:32:39 GMT -6
Yän Avatar
Yän: Oh, right. Yeah that was a little clumsy. Didn't bother me much though Jul 20, 2019 9:35:58 GMT -6
hai Avatar
hai: I played the PC version unpatched, even with those bugs and crashes I prefer this over the Switch version, which hurts my eyes and soul. Jul 20, 2019 10:54:36 GMT -6
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yulia11: Why does Johannes prepare food with Alchemy instead of cooking? (While Alchemy can mold many elements, deconstruct and recombine into specific shape, I cannot imagine anything but astronaut food) Jul 20, 2019 16:49:16 GMT -6 *
Squirrel Taskmaster Avatar
Squirrel Taskmaster: It's probably a good idea to transmute demonic cheese before eating it. Wouldn't want a case of Hell-pinworms. Jul 20, 2019 20:10:19 GMT -6
yulia11 Avatar
yulia11: That does sound terrifying. Still does he actually cook after preparing the ingredient or? Jul 20, 2019 20:50:25 GMT -6
purifyweirdshard Avatar
purifyweirdshard: Probably just a video game thing Jul 20, 2019 20:57:51 GMT -6
Clear Avatar
Clear: I think Johannes is a genius: why have both a transmutation device and a proper kitchen after he basically invents an all-in-one thing. Saves space in those cramped one-screen-long quarters _goofball2 Jul 20, 2019 22:27:52 GMT -6
yulia11 Avatar
yulia11: Perhaps I should build a small chemistry lab with cooking capability (cleaning would be hell though). Too bad I cannot use modern physics devices for cooking on the ground of cost and safety. (You can use infrared to heat and test food composition) Jul 20, 2019 22:39:59 GMT -6
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yulia11: Side Question when did Alchemist first discover the importance of electricity? Jul 20, 2019 22:50:58 GMT -6
fleaman2245 Avatar
fleaman2245: Hey Bloodstained team, any updates on the Asian Region Switch Copies? We're still stuck at a buggy v0.1 version that crashes every few minutes, with no updates in sight. Can't believe I bought an expensive paperweight. Jul 21, 2019 7:59:42 GMT -6
Cale Avatar
Cale: 1550s, English scientist William Gilbert. His book De Magnete became the standard work throughout Europe on electrical and magnetic clear distinction between magnetism and what was then called the "amber effect" (static electricity). Jul 21, 2019 13:25:18 GMT -6
Nezuto Avatar
Nezuto: Yes, but could they run Crysis? Jul 21, 2019 15:07:07 GMT -6
jszsj Avatar
jszsj: When will we get the code for Nintendo Switch - North America (for Japanese Backers)? Jul 21, 2019 20:53:43 GMT -6
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Brainiac: As someone who has worked in an active laboratory before, you are ABSOLUTELY NOT supposed to have food in the same area. The possibility of contaminant ingestion is WAY too high. Jul 22, 2019 7:40:59 GMT -6
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Brainiac: HOWEVER, if you have an area that is just desks/computers/non-experimental workspace, it might be okay having food there. My old lab even had a minifridge for keeping lunches and the like, but strictly no taking it to lab benches. Jul 22, 2019 7:46:36 GMT -6
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Brainiac: You'll note that Miriam is shown for the actual cooking sequences, on the opposite side of the room from Johannes and his transmutation circle/array/whatever you want to call it. I think there's decent and careful separation between the two alchemies. Jul 22, 2019 7:49:50 GMT -6