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Mr. Welldone Avatar
Mr. Welldone: Also, I kind of depict 'hate-flavored' candy as that peanut butter crap in the orange and black wrappers that comes out every Halloween. Like candy corn, only one batch was ever made that just keeps getting recycled to the next year to everyone's horror. Feb 19, 2019 15:30:43 GMT -6
XombieMike Avatar
XombieMike: Ah, the list! Haha. Good times. You two are forever on my list. _heart Feb 19, 2019 20:38:21 GMT -6
warthecheese Avatar
warthecheese: _goofball2 _mac _goofball Feb 19, 2019 21:44:46 GMT -6
Galamoth Avatar
Galamoth: Come on, you can trust me with _goofball2 . I promise I won't subject them to lethal _thunder torture. 8-) Feb 19, 2019 21:55:25 GMT -6 *
Galamoth Avatar
Galamoth: [Totally subtle maniacal laughter] Feb 19, 2019 21:55:53 GMT -6 *
purifyweirdshard Avatar
purifyweirdshard: Wow, does warthecheese know the legend? Goofball does indeed hide the wall mac. It's the forum lore. Feb 19, 2019 23:12:51 GMT -6
Galamoth Avatar
Galamoth: In all seriousness, it does seem that Goofball is a living legend on this forum site. Feb 20, 2019 5:44:59 GMT -6
Mr. Welldone Avatar
Mr. Welldone: Blame Mike. Feb 20, 2019 10:35:41 GMT -6
purifyweirdshard Avatar
purifyweirdshard: It would definitely be his fault yes Feb 20, 2019 10:55:11 GMT -6
Nezuto Avatar
Nezuto: _morte Feb 20, 2019 13:34:26 GMT -6
Galamoth Avatar
Galamoth: _dullahammer Feb 20, 2019 13:48:32 GMT -6
Clear Avatar
Clear: Goofball Guild! _goofball2 _goofball Feb 20, 2019 15:01:25 GMT -6
Arsenical Avatar
Arsenical: Just came here to say Bloodstained Ritual of the Night has some hot waifus. _bloodless ok. bye. Feb 20, 2019 21:26:55 GMT -6
Galamoth Avatar
Galamoth: _morte (:)) Feb 21, 2019 9:08:15 GMT -6
Enkeria Avatar
Enkeria: Goofball is real. Legend or not. _goofball2 And he loves you! Feb 21, 2019 12:52:05 GMT -6
Clear Avatar
Clear: Attn to ATLUS fans, a new player survey is up if you want! Survey targets only NA region unfortunately. Link Feb 21, 2019 21:46:07 GMT -6
Galamoth Avatar
Galamoth: Ooh, some hot new pieces added to the Fan-art gallery recently. :D Feb 22, 2019 15:59:44 GMT -6
Clear Avatar
Clear: True true _bloodless The recent one by Redjet is a cute Miriam _mac Feb 22, 2019 20:59:19 GMT -6
Lepstadder Avatar
Lepstadder: who ever had the feeling of wanting to die for like, 7 days, then resurrecting on the 8th day just because you're tired Feb 23, 2019 0:18:47 GMT -6
Pure Miriam Avatar
Pure Miriam: are you just trying to be funny or are you serious? Because i have depression and i know what that means from a serious point of view. If you need help, please, talk to someone or seek it, ASAP. Feb 23, 2019 2:06:36 GMT -6 *